Training Programs

Dog training is just as much training the dog as it is you. Our programs are designed to give you an understanding on your dogs behavior and why it is occurring, learn how to communicate with them effectively all while improving your relationship together. We are helping you learn to live a successful life with your dog.
  • Do you wish your dog would just come to you when you call them?
  • Are you looking to be able to do MORE with your dog?
  • Do you wish your dog would actually listen the first time you ask it to do something?
  • Do you struggle with undesirable behaviors such as: Pulling on leash, mouthing, chewing, jumping up, hyperactivity?
  • Do you struggle with more intense behaviors such as: Reactivity on leash towards people or other dogs, anxiety issues, fear of people/dogs/everyday life?
Our passion is to help you achieve your goals with your dog to live the full and happy life you both deserve!

Complete Canine Program

 Our Canine Complete Program is the ultimate solution for dogs of all ages and behavioral challenges, offering a blend of our Canine Essentials program & Board & Train. Designed for comprehensive training, this programs ensures your dog gains advanced obedience and real-life exposure, resulting in a well-rounded, reliable companion. 

 Program Outline:

  • Three Private Lessons: Three Private Lessons: These sessions establish a solid foundation and transforms your relationship with your dog. 
  • Board & Train Phase: Three weeks of Board & Train: Your dog will stay with us for three weeks, learning advanced and off leash obedience, socialization, real-life exposures, and addressing any behavioral struggles.
  • Transitional and Follow-Up Phase: During the board and train period, you’ll participate in these lessons to learn the communication methods and skills your dog has acquired. 
  • Final Transitional Lesson: This session occurs when you take your dog home, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Follow-Up Lesson: A check-in 30 days after the program ends to review progress and address any questions

What the Program Includes: 

  • Three Private Lesson Prior to Board and Train
  • Three Weeks of Board & Train 
  •  Two Transitional Lessons
  • One Follow-Up Lesson
  • E-Collar: For advances training and reliable off leash control.
  • Place Cot: For implementation of a calm stay of mind 
  • Food Pouch: Convenient storage for food/treats during training
  • Transitional Lead or Prong Collar: Essential tools for effective training

Our Complete Canine Program is designed to create lasting behavioral changes to ensure your dog’s obedience and reliability in various situations. With this program, you’ll build a deeper understand and stronger bond with your dog, resulting in a well-mannered, happy companion. Join us on the journey to transform your dog’s behavior and enhance your relationship today! 

Exclusive access to our Paws at Play (daycare) & Cozy Canine (boarding) these services are additional.


Canine Essentials Program


 Our Canine Essentials Program is the perfection solution for owners seeking to establish a solid foundation of obedience and communication with their furry friend. This comprehensive training package includes five private sessions designed to help owners achieve their training goals, conducted weekly over four weeks, with a follow-up lesson in 30 days. 

What the Program Includes:

  • Five Private Training Sessions: Focused on key obedience skills.
  • Transitional Leash or Prong Collar: Tool Provided to aid in effective training.
  • Place Cot: A designated spot for your dog to practice the “Place” command.
  • Food Pouch: Convenient storage for food/treats during training sessions. 

 What Your Dog Will Learn: 

  • Threshold Manners and Proper Crate Training: Ensure your dog understands boundaries and feel secure in their crate.
  • Heel: Teach your dog to walk politely by your side without pulling
  • Place & Down: For implementation of a calm stay of mind
  • Come: Develop a dependable recall, ensuring your dog returns to you every time. 
  • Understanding “No” : Help your dog to recognize and respect the command to stop unwanted to behavior.

 What You Will Learn: 

  • Understanding Your Dog’s Needs: Gain insight into your dog’s physical, mental and emotional requirements to build a stronger, healthier relationship
  • Using Obedience in Daily Life: Learn when and how to effectively use commands to guide your dog through everyday situations. 

Important Program Details:

  • On-Leash Training Only: This program focuses on on-leash training techniques to ensure safety and control 
  • Not Suited for Behavioral Issues: The Canine Essentials Program is designed for dogs without fear, aggression, moderate to sever reactivity, and anxiety. We recommend referring to our Complete Canine Program.
  • Weekly Lessons with Follow-Up: Training sessions are conducted weekly for four weeks, with an additional follow-up lesson 30 days later to review progress and address questions or concerns.  

Our Canine Essentials Program is designed to foster mutual understanding and respect, creating a harmonious living environment for you and your dog. We are here to support you every step of the way. Start your journey towards a well-behaved, happy dog today!