Training Programs

Dog training is just as much training the dog as it is you. Our programs are designed to give you an understanding on your dogs behavior and why it is occurring, learn how to communicate with them effectively all while improving your relationship together. We are helping you learn to live a successful life with your dog.
  • Do you wish your dog would just come to you when you call them?
  • Are you looking to be able to do MORE with your dog?
  • Do you wish your dog would actually listen the first time you ask it to do something?
  • Do you struggle with undesirable behaviors such as: Pulling on leash, mouthing, chewing, jumping up, hyperactivity?
  • Do you struggle with more intense behaviors such as: Reactivity on leash towards people or other dogs, anxiety issues, fear of people/dogs/everyday life?
Our passion is to help you achieve your goals with your dog to live the full and happy life you both deserve!

The Stay & Learn

 You will begin by meeting with us once a month for three months that focus on teaching you about your dog and how to get set you up for success at home before your dog comes for the 3 week Stay & Learn portion of the program. Your dog will join us for their 3 week Stay & Learn for the e-collar training program that is designed for off leash success, real world exposure, socializations and further behavioral modification. During your dogs stay, you will come to have training sessions with us and your dog so that you can learn how these new acquired communication skills they have learned and are ready to share with you. When it comes time to take your dog home, you will have another training session and we will teach you how to use the tools for reliability. Now that you having been living life together for a few weeks you will come back for another session to work on improving your new shared communication. We encourage all questions, it’s a great way to improve.

 This program is appropriate for:

  • Off Leash Reliability
  • Busy individuals or families who want a foundation of training done for them
  • Behavioral Modification; anxious, over excitement, fearful, skittishness, reactivity.

Stay & Learn


Mini Educator E-Collar, Transitional slip leash or prong collar, place cot, food pouch

3 private lessons prior to Stay & Learn

3 Weeks Stay & Learn 

2 Transitional Lessons 

1 Private follow up after Stay & Learn

Pack Walks (coming soon) 

Exlcuisve access to our Stay & Play during your getaways.

The D.I.Y Program


 In these 5 lesson, we will not just teach you how to train your dog to listen to basic obedience commands reliably, but we will also be educating you how to use these commands to benefit both you and your dog in your everyday life.     

What you and your dog will gain an understanding of:

  • How to teach your dog basic commands of Heel, Place, Come & Understanding No
  • Understanding your dog and their physical, emotion and mental needs
  • Building a healthier relationship between you and your dog
  • Understanding your dogs body language
  • How & When to use for obedience commands to help direct your dog through day to day life

This program is appropriate for: 

  • On leash communication
  • Individuals or families who have time to train their dog at home daily
  • Dogs who DO NOT have behavioral issues 



Transitional slip leash, place cot, food pouch

4 Private lessons

1 Follow up

Pack Walks (coming soon)